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June 5 Primary Endorsements

SJVDC_2018_endorsement Endorsements of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic club for the June 5 primary. We have a chart and a downloadable pdf version for you to print out.

Democratic Party Chair endorsement

Congratulations to Kimberly Ellis on her endorsement by the San Joaquin Valley Democratic  club for Chair of the California Democratic party.

6 Things YOU Can Do Right Now to Resist the Trump Agenda

(1) Write a simple POSTCARD – Address it to: President (for now) Donald J. Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 On YOUR Postcard, make a simple statement about what YOU feel/think/are going to do about the Agenda of Washington. You want him to PROTECT SOCIAL SECURITY – No Privatization, or …

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Congressional Staffers Tell Us How to Oppose the Trump Agenda

Want to know what you can do to fight back against the reptile conservative agenda which is coming our way? INDIVISIBLE A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR RESISTING THE TRUMP AGENDA Written by Congressional Staffers who know what works! Let’s Stop Spinning our ideological wheels and get the rubber on the road!

Let’s Go Change the World Sister!

By Susan McCall Carrasco, January 3 at 12:30pm (Susan McCall Carrasco and her Sister Tracy are both members of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club and several other Democratic Clubs and Organizations in the Fresno area of California) In early October, Tracy, Dad and I met with an Investigator Case Worker from Superior Court (our …

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This Land Was Made For You and Me

Always a few moments for a song full of truth and peace  

We Should Have Known Better

We Democrats should have known better. We are totally guilty of what Santanna called “Failing to learn the lessons of history”. And to add insult to injury, we choose the wrong person to try and change that history. Read the Rest of the Article Here.

We find no evidence of wrongdoing . . . .

By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA Hillary Clinton has been involved on front line politics for nearly 40 years. From the time she was a newly minted college graduate working as an attorney in a poverty law firm to her latest jaunt as Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Her main opponent during this …

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House Republicans Support Terrorist Gun Rights

  The REPUBLICANS in the US House of Representatives, led by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, are in complete agreement: Terrorists have the RIGHT to purchase GUNS to murder Americans. This is obvious because they will not allow a vote to be taken in the US House of Representatives to LIMIT THE ABILITY OF …

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Climate Change All a Hoax Says DT

DT Says its all a hoax – earns the National “Head Up Your ASS” award Head Up Ass Award