Let’s Go Change the World Sister!

By Susan McCall Carrasco, January 3 at 12:30pm

(Susan McCall Carrasco and her Sister Tracy are both members of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club and several other Democratic Clubs and Organizations in the Fresno area of California)

In early October, Tracy, Dad and I met with an Investigator Case Worker from Superior Court (our annual meeting). Based on Tracy’s conversations, her knowledge of politics and issues, the Investigator filed a petition with the CA Superior Court to request that Tracy’s Voting Rights be reinstated. She also noted that Tracy belonged to a number of political organizations, viewed her many pictures with national, state and local leaders, heard about her support for them, concerns for all people, and going with me for Voter activities. The Investigator found Tracy to be exceptionally informed and deemed that Tracy should be allowed to Vote.

While the Court hearing would not happen before the November 2016 elections, I explained that Dad and I would review our Ballots with Tracy anyway, explaining why we were voting for some candidates and pros and cons of every Ballot Measure.  Tracy is NOT supportive of TRUMP or Republican agendas that do not help ALL the people.

For you Trump voters, my Sister does not exist in Trump’s world, his HHS appointee believes disabled kids have no place in public education. IF you voted for Trump, you voted against my Sister and others who are disenfranchised… your values are disappointing to our Family. Our Tracy is a pure Progressive Democrat, thru and thru. Her heart is big and hopeful… and she has been advocating for Down syndrome and all ability challenged people forever.

On the way to the hearing this morning, we talked about politics, issues, the right to our opinions and our right to vote. We talked about the rights of all people, and Tracy talked about the rights of disabled, ability challenged, how hard women and African American people had to work to win the right to vote, and that Mom would be proud of her.

Today, Tracy went before the Judge, and spoke briefly. The Judge announced, based on the Investigator’s report, that she was reinstating Tracy’s Voting Rights immediately and tomorrow we could pick up the Superior Court’s order and Tracy could then Register to Vote!

As we thanked the Judge, hugged each other, and turned to leave, to the Judge’s delight and the Bailiff”s surprise, an ENTIRE Court room of 60+ People stood up, cheered and clapped for Tracy! WOW!

While we could not take pictures inside the Courtroom, I took Tracy’s picture outside… and then we announced together “Let’s go Change the World Sister!”

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