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Nasreen Johnson fundraiser

Come on out and support our club member Nasreen Johnson as she is seeking re-election.

Endorsed Candidates

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates for school board. Please follow their campaigns and make sure you vote for them in November.

2022 Fall Candidate forum

2022 Endorsed candidates

The San Joaquin Valley Democratic club is happy to announce endorsements for the upcoming spring 2022 elections.

In the April 2022 special elections we endorsed:

Andy Levine– FUSD Trustee Area 5

Lourin Hubbard– CD 22

For the June primary election we endorsed:

Larry Burrus– Fresno City Council 3

Jose Ramirez– County Board of Supervisors 4

Oscar Garcia– Auditor/ControlleTreasurer

Daren Miller– Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

Bryan Osorio– State Senate 16

Michael Barkley– Congressional District 5

Phil Arballo– Congressional District 13

Marisa Wood– Congressional District 23

An open letter to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors


February 16, 2020

We, the members of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club, support the removal of the word “squaw” from all geographic features in America, consistent with U.S. Secretary of the Interior Haaland’s proclamation—a process that would include all members of the afflicted communities—and allow them to select a new name.

We believe that this change is necessary to help end the intergenerational trauma in Native American communities associated with this word.  And when we look at the vision and guiding principles of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors—“Working together for a quality of life for all,” and “Respecting and embracing ethnic and cultural diversity”—it is clear that these principles must preclude permitting a community name which is synonymous with such a pejorative term.

We ask that you champion the spirit that Fresno County proclaims itself to be, that is, respectful to all members of its community.  We hope that you will join us in acknowledging that “Squaw Valley” is not appropriate for a geographical name in Fresno County, nor is it consistent with the vision and guiding principles of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

Our request to the Board of Supervisors is simple:  Host a community meeting to discuss this issue.  Thus far, Fresno County Supervisor, Nathan Magsig has prevented the County Administrative Officer from including this topic as an agenda item.  Subsequently to this decision, the Rename S-Valley Coalition held a virtual meeting due to COVID restrictions, to discuss this issue. District 5 Supervisor, Magsig, did not approve of this meeting and  yet he suggested instead, that the onus for hosting an in-person meeting to discuss the renaming of places within his district should lie with the Rename S-Valley Coalition—his constituents.  We believe that it is the responsibility of Fresno County’s elected representative, to initiate such a meeting.

A community meeting to discuss the history and meaning of this pejorative name, will help the residents of this county gain awareness of the role of violence against indigenous women.  The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Movement (MMIWM) is growing in the U.S.   Changing the defamatory and degrading term for this valley will help our community recognize that such names are offensive and give cover to the violence against women that Native American women have experienced for too many years.  Raising awareness and changing names are only the beginning; recognizing MMIW on May 5, as a National Awareness Day is also a good place to start.

Will the Fresno County Board of Supervisors demonstrate leadership and heed the calls of thousands of Fresno County residents and those impacted by this name facilitate a meeting in S-Valley that can accommodate restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 virus and its variants? Will you place it as an agenda item on a future Board of Supervisors meeting? Will you host a special Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting in the evening to discuss the above question?

We respectfully encourage the Board of Supervisors to follow through with these actions,


The membership of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club

Candidate forum

Pre register for the online ZOOM candidate forum and learn about the candidates and their issues.

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We have invited over 30 local candidates running for many different offices, come and meet them and learn about them.

San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club is pleased to announce the results of our club endorsement.

Congratulations to all the endorsed candidates! We would like to thank all those that are running in November, and we wish you the best of luck!

Fresno County Board of Education

Area 3- No decision

State Center Community College District

Area 2- Nasreen Johnson
Area 3- Dary Rezvani
Area 6- No Endorsement
Area 7- Abena Cruise

Fresno Unified School District

Area 2- Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas
Area 5- David Paredes
Area 6- Claudia Cazares

Clovis Unified School District

Area 4- Noha Elbaz
Area 7- No decision

Central Unified School District
Area 3- No endorsement
Area 4- Shawn Brooks
Area 6- Stacy Williams

July 17, 2020—SJV Democratic Club announces:

We at San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club,  are honored to stand with community leaders, concerned residents, moms, dads, veterans and families everywhere; who deeply understand the need and support the divestment of our collective tax dollars from those individuals, would be elected officials, hopefuls, or other entities who accept funds from special third party interest police department PACs and their unions.

As a collective, we at SJV Dem Club reserve the right to decline to accept any such funds, as well as decline to support, donate and endorse those candidates, individuals, or other collective organizations who choose to accept said funds.   

While our club acknowledges the role of law enforcement, as concerned residents, active voters, parents, and grandparents alike, as working professionals within the community; it is unconscionable more than half of our collective budget is dedicated to filling the coffers of law enforcement, as our parks, healthcare and educational resources are slashed, defunded, and residents left to languish. 53% of our earned tax revenue is an incredible investment as well as a testimony to our commitment to a safe and secure community. Unfortunately however, for many of our residents of color, friends, loved ones and neighbors, it is proof of something far more insidious.

Since 2017, law enforcement has been ordered to pay settlements to families of deceased, as well as their victims of unlawful behavior by officers, in the amount of over $22 million dollars. With this current and sizable contribution of tax payer dollars, we live in one of the poorest, polluted, and marginalized cities in the country. Proof a large budget, in the instance of law enforcement, is a poor investment for leadership, folks and communities wanting to have a positive impact on the personal well being of residents.

Programs which do support community safety and policing also support such incentives as subsidies for homeownership, affordable housing, green spaces, potable water, libraries, grocery stores, and healthcare for all, are the backbone of thriving communities.

Please join SJV Club and others in supporting this community driven initiative.