Voter Registration


Join us as we kick off the 2020 election season with a voter registration drive in the Pinedale area of Fresno.  We will meet at Pinedale Elementary School and canvass the surrounding area registering voters. See our club events for more details.

Monthly club meeting



Join us this month as we will be having a conversation on the Green New Deal. Our featured speaker will be Maya Flores from the local DSA chapter.    You can read a copy of it here, introduced by Congresswoman Ocasio- Cortez.



We meet Wednesday March 20, Denny’s Restaurant 1110 E. Shaw (Shaw at First). Call to order is promptly at 6:30pm

Monthly club meeting

Join us this month as we will have Alicia Olivarez of 99Rootz as our guest speaker.

99Rootz focuses on empowering young voters, voter engagement, leadership training, building a movement and causing a culture shift.

“To resist, I had to learn to cultivate my own hope and a different narrative of our communities and carry this with me in my work with 99Rootz. To resist collectively as a region, we have to plant, nourish, and cultivate our own narratives and hope.”

— Alicia Olivarez, 99Rootz Strategy Director