July 17, 2020—SJV Democratic Club announces:

We at San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club,  are honored to stand with community leaders, concerned residents, moms, dads, veterans and families everywhere; who deeply understand the need and support the divestment of our collective tax dollars from those individuals, would be elected officials, hopefuls, or other entities who accept funds from special third party interest police department PACs and their unions.

As a collective, we at SJV Dem Club reserve the right to decline to accept any such funds, as well as decline to support, donate and endorse those candidates, individuals, or other collective organizations who choose to accept said funds.   

While our club acknowledges the role of law enforcement, as concerned residents, active voters, parents, and grandparents alike, as working professionals within the community; it is unconscionable more than half of our collective budget is dedicated to filling the coffers of law enforcement, as our parks, healthcare and educational resources are slashed, defunded, and residents left to languish. 53% of our earned tax revenue is an incredible investment as well as a testimony to our commitment to a safe and secure community. Unfortunately however, for many of our residents of color, friends, loved ones and neighbors, it is proof of something far more insidious.

Since 2017, law enforcement has been ordered to pay settlements to families of deceased, as well as their victims of unlawful behavior by officers, in the amount of over $22 million dollars. With this current and sizable contribution of tax payer dollars, we live in one of the poorest, polluted, and marginalized cities in the country. Proof a large budget, in the instance of law enforcement, is a poor investment for leadership, folks and communities wanting to have a positive impact on the personal well being of residents.

Programs which do support community safety and policing also support such incentives as subsidies for homeownership, affordable housing, green spaces, potable water, libraries, grocery stores, and healthcare for all, are the backbone of thriving communities.

Please join SJV Club and others in supporting this community driven initiative.


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