Listen We Need to Talk.

American public opinion tends to be sticky. Although the news cycle might temporarily affect the public’s mood on contentious issues like abortion, the death penalty, or gun control, public opinion toward these issues has remained remarkably constant over decades. There are notable exceptions, however, particularly with regard to divisive issues that highlight identity politics. For example, over the past three decades, public support for same-sex marriage has risen from scarcely more than a tenth to a majority of the population. Why have people’s minds changed so dramatically on this issue, and why so quickly? It wasn’t just that older, more conservative people were dying and being replaced in the population by younger, more progressive people; people were changing their minds. Was this due to the influence of elite leaders like President Obama? Or advocacy campaigns by organizations pushing for greater recognition of the equal rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people?

Listen, We Need to Talk tests a new theory, what Brian Harrison and Melissa Michelson call The Theory of Dissonant Identity Priming, about how to change people’s attitudes on controversial topics. Harrison and Michelson conducted randomized experiments all over the United States, many in partnership with equality organizations, including Equality Illinois, Georgia Equality, Lambda Legal, Equality Maryland, and Louisiana’s Capital City Alliance. They found that people are often willing to change their attitudes about LGBT rights when they find out that others with whom they share an identity (for example, as sports fans or members of a religious group) are also supporters of those rights—particularly when told about support from a leader of the group, and particularly if they find the information somewhat surprising.

Fans of the Green Bay Packers football team were influenced by hearing that a Packers Hall-of-Famer is a supporter of LGBT rights. African Americans were influenced by hearing that the Black president of the United States is a supporter. Religious individuals were influenced by hearing that a religious leader is a supporter. And strong partisans were influenced by hearing that a leader of their party is a supporter. Through a series of engaging experiments and compelling evidence, Listen, We Need to Talk provides a blueprint for thinking about how to bring disparate groups together over contentious political issues.

Dr. Michelson will be presenting her latest book at CSU Fresno on April 26, 6-8pm.

6 Things YOU Can Do Right Now to Resist the Trump Agenda

(1) Write a simple POSTCARD – Address it to:

President (for now) Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

On YOUR Postcard, make a simple statement about what YOU feel/think/are going to do about the Agenda of Washington. You want him to PROTECT SOCIAL SECURITY – No Privatization, or PROTECT MEDICARE – No Vouchers. YOU want him to STOP TRYING TO REPEAL OBAMACARE and RATHER FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH THE ACA or YOU want him to STOP BEING SUCH A DESPICABLE LOUDMOUTH, or STOP WITH THE MISOGYNY. Add your own phrase here. Sign it with your name and zip code and;

Mail it on March 15th, 2017. Millions of others are going to do the same. Imagine the White House post Office when ALL of these postcards descend on them – – chaos!

(2) Same as the Above BUT address it to your Local Congressional Representative. They really do keep track of opinion mail. Follow it up with a phone call checking to see IF they got it. Before you mail be sure to sign it with your Name and ZIP. This is how they track constituents and compile their statistics.

(3) Find and JOIN a local INDIVISIBLE group. There are over 7,000 nationwide and hundreds here in California. Be prepared to show up at your local Congressman’s/Congresswoman’s District Office with questions and statements. Believe me, THIS WILL SHAKE THEIR FOUNDATIONS and YOU WILL BE HEARD.

(4) Donate to Causes that Oppose Trump and the Conservative Agenda.  You don’t have to bankrupt yourself here, $5.00, $10.00 from each of us sends the message loud and clear and they, the trumpies, will be watching and fearing that Trump has simply “Awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve” (Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s statement after the 1941 Pearl Harbor sneak attack which brought America into WWII. His comment proved prophetic).

(5) Use the Indivisible instructions and make a simple phone call to your Representatives office. Choose your words carefully, write a script and stick to it. Be pleasant but be FIRM that you want an answer to your question or a response to your statement.

(6) Join Our Club. Come to our next meeting and let us get a chance to meet you. Let us Help You Help Our Country Get Back To Sanity.

Congressional Staffers Tell Us How to Oppose the Trump Agenda

Want to know what you can do to fight back against the reptile conservative agenda which is coming our way?



Written by Congressional Staffers who know what works! Let’s Stop Spinning our ideological wheels and get the rubber on the road!

Let’s Go Change the World Sister!

By Susan McCall Carrasco, January 3 at 12:30pm

(Susan McCall Carrasco and her Sister Tracy are both members of the San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club and several other Democratic Clubs and Organizations in the Fresno area of California)

In early October, Tracy, Dad and I met with an Investigator Case Worker from Superior Court (our annual meeting). Based on Tracy’s conversations, her knowledge of politics and issues, the Investigator filed a petition with the CA Superior Court to request that Tracy’s Voting Rights be reinstated. She also noted that Tracy belonged to a number of political organizations, viewed her many pictures with national, state and local leaders, heard about her support for them, concerns for all people, and going with me for Voter activities. The Investigator found Tracy to be exceptionally informed and deemed that Tracy should be allowed to Vote.

While the Court hearing would not happen before the November 2016 elections, I explained that Dad and I would review our Ballots with Tracy anyway, explaining why we were voting for some candidates and pros and cons of every Ballot Measure.  Tracy is NOT supportive of TRUMP or Republican agendas that do not help ALL the people.

For you Trump voters, my Sister does not exist in Trump’s world, his HHS appointee believes disabled kids have no place in public education. IF you voted for Trump, you voted against my Sister and others who are disenfranchised… your values are disappointing to our Family. Our Tracy is a pure Progressive Democrat, thru and thru. Her heart is big and hopeful… and she has been advocating for Down syndrome and all ability challenged people forever.

On the way to the hearing this morning, we talked about politics, issues, the right to our opinions and our right to vote. We talked about the rights of all people, and Tracy talked about the rights of disabled, ability challenged, how hard women and African American people had to work to win the right to vote, and that Mom would be proud of her.

Today, Tracy went before the Judge, and spoke briefly. The Judge announced, based on the Investigator’s report, that she was reinstating Tracy’s Voting Rights immediately and tomorrow we could pick up the Superior Court’s order and Tracy could then Register to Vote!

As we thanked the Judge, hugged each other, and turned to leave, to the Judge’s delight and the Bailiff”s surprise, an ENTIRE Court room of 60+ People stood up, cheered and clapped for Tracy! WOW!

While we could not take pictures inside the Courtroom, I took Tracy’s picture outside… and then we announced together “Let’s go Change the World Sister!”

Reptiles Claim Mandate for Conservative Agenda

In a recent article in the Washington Post, David Weigel hits the nail  on the head regarding what the reptiles will do in the coming Congress.

Click here to read the full article.

This Land Was Made For You and Me

Always a few moments for a song full of truth and peace


We Should Have Known Better

We Democrats should have known better. We are totally guilty of what Santanna called “Failing to learn the lessons of history”. And to add insult to injury, we choose the wrong person to try and change that history.

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January 2017 Meeting

James Williams

James Williams President SJVDC

Please join us for our March 2017 meeting.

Call to order 6:30pm Denny’s Restaurant 1110 E. Shaw Ave. Fresno.

In Solidarity


Full meeting Agenda here

We find no evidence of wrongdoing . . . .

By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA

Hillary Clinton has been involved on front line politics for hillary4nearly 40 years. From the time she was a newly minted college graduate working as an attorney in a poverty law firm to her latest jaunt as Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

Her main opponent during this entire period has been the White Male Republican Establishment. They though their Republican National Committee have accused her continuously of misdeeds, criminal actions and incompetence in office. If you include the Whitewater investigations of her and her husband, a financial deal where they losta lot of their own money, the Republicans have spent literally hundreds of millions of taxpayer money on partisan investigations. The US House, run by the Republicans for the last six years has mounted seventeen investigations into her work as Secretary of State and spent untold tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and . . .


 If you bother to read such investigative reports, which I have scanned, you will nearly ALWAYS find in the conclusions section the words “We find no evidence of any wrong doing on the part of the accused” or a statement to that effect. Please remember that word “accused”.

Now, if you have any intelligence left and if you are able to think straight after the harrang by the right wing echo chamber over the years, you will please note that ALL of these investigations were partisan based and run by Republican operatives. These were NOT run by fair minded, neutral, nonpartisan officials. These were ALL run by hired right wing hit men AND none of them could find “Any Evidence of Wrong Doing”. Really? All of these professional investigators, with a vested interest in finding her guilty of something NEVER found anything? Is that really possible? Are they ALL totally incompetent investigators OR was there never anything to begin with and this was ALL the “Great Right Wing Conspiracy” in action as Hillary Clinton said after her husband left office? Remember that one which raised such a Republican scream of indignity? At that time the old Shakespeare quote “Me thinks thou doest protest too much . . “ came to mind.


 IF you have ever sat on a jury you will remember a question which was asked, usually of the jury as a whole, “Do any of you believe that just because a person (the defendant) is accused of something that they are automatically guilty of the crime just because law enforcement brought an accusation”. I asked an attorney once why this question was always asked and the reply was “because many people believe that law enforcement would never accuse or bring a case against an innocent person.

I believe that most of the normal low information voters, which are the majority of voters who report through polls that they are still distrustful of Hilary Clinton are suffering from “They accused her therefore she is guilty – of something” syndrome.  Still have your doubts? At least base them on the Truth and not on a bunch of propaganda from the right wing echo machine.

No More Dumb Democrats – Please

Larry Johnson Clovis, California

Never, never vote for a republican – EVER – PERIOD

No more Dumb Democrats PLEASE

In a “Letters to the Editor” in our local newspaper a correspondent made the statement that while he was a Democrat he always voted for the person who he thought would do the best job or was best for the position being voted on weather that person was Democrat or a republican.

I nearly fell out of my chair I was so angry! How, I wondered, how could any thinking, self-respecting, knowledgeable Democrat be so DUMB as to EVER vote for a republican??  Of course, the answer was obvious almost instantly: this was NOT a knowledgeable Democrat and this person considered himself far too smart for his own good. In addition, he displayed one of the great weaknesses of Democrats: he was trying to be fair on all fronts. Won’t work folks and in fact this is why we fail as Democrats to correctly identify the conservative cancer which is infecting our society and threatening to destroy it from within.

I’ll say it again plainly and then explain why:


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