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Reptiles Claim Mandate for Conservative Agenda

In a recent article in the Washington Post, David Weigel hits the nail  on the head regarding what the reptiles will do in the coming Congress. Click here to read the full article.

We Should Have Known Better

We Democrats should have known better. We are totally guilty of what Santanna called “Failing to learn the lessons of history”. And to add insult to injury, we choose the wrong person to try and change that history. Read the Rest of the Article Here.

We find no evidence of wrongdoing . . . .

By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA Hillary Clinton has been involved on front line politics for nearly 40 years. From the time she was a newly minted college graduate working as an attorney in a poverty law firm to her latest jaunt as Democratic candidate for President of the United States. Her main opponent during this …

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No More Dumb Democrats – Please

Larry Johnson Clovis, California Never, never vote for a republican – EVER – PERIOD In a “Letters to the Editor” in our local newspaper a correspondent made the statement that while he was a Democrat he always voted for the person who he thought would do the best job or was best for the position being …

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Climate Change All a Hoax Says DT

DT Says its all a hoax – earns the National “Head Up Your ASS” award Head Up Ass Award