No More Dumb Democrats – Please

Larry Johnson Clovis, California

Never, never vote for a republican – EVER – PERIOD

No more Dumb Democrats PLEASE

In a “Letters to the Editor” in our local newspaper a correspondent made the statement that while he was a Democrat he always voted for the person who he thought would do the best job or was best for the position being voted on weather that person was Democrat or a republican.

I nearly fell out of my chair I was so angry! How, I wondered, how could any thinking, self-respecting, knowledgeable Democrat be so DUMB as to EVER vote for a republican??  Of course, the answer was obvious almost instantly: this was NOT a knowledgeable Democrat and this person considered himself far too smart for his own good. In addition, he displayed one of the great weaknesses of Democrats: he was trying to be fair on all fronts. Won’t work folks and in fact this is why we fail as Democrats to correctly identify the conservative cancer which is infecting our society and threatening to destroy it from within.

I’ll say it again plainly and then explain why:


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    • Karen Moore on April 25, 2016 at 5:25 pm
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    Yes if you believe in the Democrat values and policies how would a Republican fit that bill. We both believe in the same thing, a strong economy, we just have a very different ways to get there. Both want the US to be great, one believes that if you reduce taxes and regulations on businesses you will keep the unemployment low, while the other believes that if you place more money in the middle class you have a more robust economy. So we know it is not a popularity contest. No Republican is going to vote for social program since Regan drastically changed the party and Democrats are about increasing the social programs to a time when the economy was doing its best post WWII. Republicans are not convinced of global warming and Democrat feel there is enough data to say with most certainty that we need to make changes to our CO2 emissions and protect the ozone layer. I think that the message of each party gets lost when a slick marketing company makes a political ad and it doesn’t inform it scare the public because a frighten public votes. Every cycle we are a mess and the new guy is our savior and the last guy really made a mess of things. But since Congress is so powerful we loose the truth when we believe the president has that kind of power. He is not the King we have a President, Congress and the Supreme Court each is the hero or the villain in our great story.

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